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Best Tips to Get TikTok Fans and Hearts 2020

1. Be Creative. Being viral on Tiktok requires creativity. Be creative and create original videos. In that way, other Tiktokers might start copying and start discussing your videos to the other users.
2. Make Duet Videos. Duet feature is a unique way to engage with your fans. You can use it to troll, appreciate or imitate any video along with displaying other’s content.
3. Use Hashtags. Make use of the Popular and Local hashtags to expand the reach of your videos. Use 2-3 hashtags.
4. Behind the Scenes Vids. Bloopers and behind the scenes videos get more engagement than other videos as it helps fans to look behind the camera into your life.
5. Use Trending Music and Video Effects. Be an early person to adopt the trending music and video effects. Always check the trending effects section and use them.

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